A Blog Reincarnated

I once had a personal blog on another platform. It was called Since I Stopped Trying.

Earlier this year, in the middle of a project where I posted something every day for 100 days, my former blog platform and I encountered had a minor dispute of some kind, and the site went down.

I did what it took to get the site back up…but then it still never went back up. The 100-day project fell by the wayside, and I never made it to 100 days of consecutive posts.

That fascinating story came your way to lead into this one.

This is a new blog, where I intend to post something on a nearly daily basis.

People close to me now make fun of how often I refer to Seth Godin. One friend started reading Linchpin but said that he hadn’t really learned anything 40 pages in because he feels like he’s heard everything in the book from me already, which is maybe the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. But Seth talks about how valuable it is to post something on a daily basis on a medium where others can look at what you’ve done, what you’re thinking about, what you believe.

There are a few reasons the practice is valuable, I guess. You get better at writing, of course. Maybe more importantly, you strengthen the muscle of sharing things you care about when you could get judged for it.

In the past couple weeks, I’ve found myself thinking, Hm, I should post that on a blog, but it’s not something fitting for Offscripting.com. But I don’t have another blog, since I still don’t know what happened to Since I Stopped Trying. So the thought falls by the wayside and doesn’t get posted anywhere.

Which I believe is a form of resistance for me, a way to avoid doing the uncomfortable work of putting myself out there to be of service if I can.

So now that excuse of not having a blog to post things on has been removed. Time to move on to addressing the other 99 forms my resistance takes.

You can subscribe to Seth Godin’s daily blog here.


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