The Power of Raindrops

A single raindrop falling from the sky makes an impact when it meets the surface of a lake. The impact is tiny, relatively speaking, only a few silent ripples.

A thunderstorm, on the other hand, changes the lake’s entire complexion, creating waves and the rush of an audience applauding.

What is a thunderstorm but millions of solitary raindrops working together?

Each drop remains a solitary unit. Acting in unison amplifies the impact of each one.

Gandhi said something about how he didn’t need a billion followers. What he wanted to see was a billion people trying their own experiments in truth. Any one such experiment likely doesn’t make much of a splash. We get a bunch of them, though, and they start to overlap, start to add up.

Do you have an experiment(s) in truth?

If not, now is as good a time as any to start looking for one.

Our world is thirsty for more truth rain.

The world needs more raindrops.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Raindrops

    1. Anthony J says:

      that’s a really good question…coming up with a definition would be a good idea huh! :-b
      off the top of my head, an experiment in truth would be running an experiment (hypothesis, parameters, measurable metrics) geared toward learning more about what it means to live fully.

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