My New Tattoo: Write the Story

I’ve been collecting tattoos since 2010.

Each is a reminder of an idea or principle I don’t want to forget. Like tying a string around my finger, but in a way that I can’t then lose the string without also losing an appendage.

I picked up tattoo number 8 last week in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The reminder:

Today is a blank page. My future remains unwritten. What I do today will shape my tomorrow.

The blank page will remain blank if I don’t do the work to create that future I want to see. Put in the work today to produce the results I want to see tomorrow.

img_8230I’ve spent much of the past year recognizing Resistance, the magical fear that keeps me from doing my work, and wrestling with it. It’s an invisible force that uses procrastination, perfectionism, and myriad other tricks to keep me from making something that I care about and then sharing it with people like you.

We all have things we care about. Many of us have projects in mind that we’d love to put out into the world.

But weeks pass. Then months. Years.

And nothing happens. Why not?


We do write some kind of future. But all those pages that might be filled with our most valuable, most essential offerings remain empty.

I don’t want to tell you what to do. But I do want to tell myself what to do. And this tattoo tells me:

Don’t do that. 

Don’t let the time pass without putting things that matter on those pages that will become the story of my life. 

Whether or not my pages will ever be of any value to another human being doesn’t matter at the moment. If that’s my metric for success, there’s a very good chance that I’ll never produce anything. The Resistance will see to that.

Fill the pages.

Share them.

Let the rest take care of itself.


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