What’s Your Personal Narrative?

Do you know what your personal narrative is?

I don’t mean your biography. That’s your story.

When I say narrative, I’m referring to something bigger, the overarching arc of your life that provides context and meaning for the stories that make up the thing you call your bio.

My friend Ann Badillo recently released a book, Narrative Generation, that I’m thrilled to say has helped me get clearer on the narratives guiding both myself and my Work.

My narrative goes something like this:

The world is changing fast, and the systems that dictate how we work, play, learn, and live are struggling (and failing) to keep up with our society’s transition from the Industrial Age to the Connection Age. This volatile environment offers tremendous opportunity for those willing and able to take the risks involved in veering from our conventional script and experimenting with ways of life that align more closely to our values and priorities.

Could be more succinct, but that’s basically the deal.

Regardless of whether you believe the narrative I’ve laid out here, I think it explains a lot about decisions I make and the different stories playing out in my life these days.

What’s your narrative?


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