Don’t Play It Safe (so much).

By virtue of your reading this, I’m willing to make some assumptions about you. They may or may not be accurate.

One assumption is that you’ve been trained to be reasonable.

About your education.

About your career.

About your future.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with acting like a reasonable human being. I’m the first to say we could use more reasonableness in this world that appears to be losing its collective shit.

But as Kahlil Gibran wrote, reason by itself is “a force confining.”

Taken to its extreme acting reasonably often gets equated with playing it safe.

Being reasonable and playing it safe are not synonymous.

If you’ve been acting as if they are, chances are you’ve made some decisions that have (or will) prove problematic for you.

Acting with reason, in my experience, is often advisable and prudent.

Playing it safe, however, can often be the absolute worst choice.

Put another way, sometimes playing it safe is not at all the reasonable choice.

Referring to Gibran again, he writes that the eagle cannot both stay in its nest and fly across the sun.

An eagle playing it safe will stick to the next.

That eagle not only won’t survive long, but also isn’t doing what it is eagles do. Eagles are meant to fly around, hunt, etc etc.

The same could be said for us.

What does it mean for you to stay in your nest?

What does flying look like for you?

There’s a time for resting and playing it safe.

But those times aren’t our default setting. Resting is how we prepare ourselves to fly again.


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