We in the developed world are witnessing an epidemic of stuckness. We get stuck doing things we don’t care to see more of in the world because doing that thing is what someone will pay us to do.

If you’re one of the millions of people stuck, maybe you’re wishing for different circumstances to materialize so you can then do work that matters to you.

In the meantime, though, Is there something you can do to create motion?

The solution to stuckness isn’t a miracle. It’s motion. 

Sure, sometimes that motion can take a miraculous form. But much more often motion results from putting in the work to change thoughts and beliefs that produce different actions.


One thought on “Stuckness

  1. Sawil says:

    My new favorite Irishman John O’ Donohue said in an interview on On Being that so many of us want change. We change our jobs, partner, where we live… To find ourselves more the same than we were before. The most radical way of changing is to change the way we think.

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