How a Bus Driver Made My Day.

It was still dark and cold as hell when I got on the already-crowded bus this morning. I had walked out of the house into the first snowfall of the year, which is pretty when you’re watching it from inside but less pleasant when you’re out in the mess.

The people on the bus looked like you’d expect a group of people to look at 6:30 am on a cold, snowy Monday morning.

Not many smiles.

Then the bus driver turned on his mic.

He welcomed us on board in his Caribbean accent and hoped we’d have a nice ride.

Still not many smiles, but we were listening.

He said it was a pleasure to be serving us today.

Still no reactions.

He then said that breakfast would be served shortly.

My face immediately changed from my resting beard face (registered trademark) to a sincere laugh. Many of my fellow riders had also enjoyed the joke.

He finished  by encouraging us to inject some smiling into our day and wished us a nice day.

One woman yelled ‘Thank you!’

Another asked where the coffee is.

That bus driver did something I’ve never seen a bus driver do, though many had the same opportunity. Open mic, captive audience.

He brightened the days of at least a dozen people with his kind, playful words.

Making a positive impact on the world doesn’t depend on getting the right opportunity to do so.

What matters is that we take advantage of the opportunities we have to make a positive impact.


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