1 Day Only…I’ll Buy You This Book.

Suddenly, quite suddenly in the scheme of things, it seems like the obedient worker bought into a sucker’s deal. The educated, hardworking masses are still doing what they’re told, but they’re no longer getting what they deserve.

This situation presents a wonderful opportunity.

Seth Godin, Linchpin

There are sizable overlaps between the stuff Seth Godin talks about in Linchpin and the Offscripting movement, which is in part because his work has influenced me greatly.

Linchpin is available on Kindle right now for $1.99.

I offer to buy this book for every new consulting client I take on. At $1.99, I’ll buy it for you too.

More valuable than simply describing what is changing out there in the world, Seth provides insights on how you can move with the shift to take advantage of the opportunities to work, play, and live better.


Veering from the status quo is always an option.

Now, more than ever, it might also be your best option for thriving in a rapidly changing economy.

Seriously, ask me to give you the book, and it’s yours.


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